The 'Vallée de l'Authie' Image 1

The 'Vallée de l'Authie'

Natural boundary between the areas of ‘Pas-de-Calais’ and ‘Somme’, La Vallée de l’Authie have been the site of a tumultuous history with numerous battles from the Battle of Crécy (1346) to the “Traité des Pyrénées”(1659). Discover a river flowing with history!


L’Authie begins in Coigneux and flows into the sea in Berck-sur-Mer. It flows across the areas of ‘Pas-de-Calais’ and Picardy through Argoules, Maintenay and Nempont-Saint-Firmin. L’Authie and la Canche both share the same natural charms : fishermen can get the same salmon species including the famous sea trouts.

Located 25 km from Montreuil-sur-Mer, the Cistercian abbey of Valloires, created in the 12th century, is famous for its gardens. 5,000 species of old roses and bushes : a must-see for lovers of nature! The abbey itself is also accessible only into a guided tour. On the 7 valleys located in the area ‘Pas-de-Calais’, the ‘Moulin de Maintenay’ is a natural instance of the old local miller activity from the 12th century. The establishment is today a crêperie. You still can get quality flour. Close to the estuary the village of Nempont-Saint-Firmin is facing Nampont-Saint-Martin. Built in the 15e century, the fortified house in Nampont-saint-Martin is surrounded by moats and has since 1978 a Gulf club famous for its authentic setting and its two 18-hole courses.

The Authie Bay all around Berck-sur-Mer provides a mosaic of colours and landscapes: the salt meadows, foreshore and stretch of dunes are riddled with hiking tours for pleasure. Even seals found refuge in Berck. You may have the chance to see them on the sandbars when walking along the road to the lighthouse. A grandiose escapade !