The charming 'vallée de la Course' Image 1

The charming 'vallée de la Course'

It is one of the most beautiful rivers in the Pas-de-Calais: 25 km long, the Course river passes through many picturesque villages. 


Mansions, churches and old farms: the Vallée de la Course has a rich heritage. Amongst the more remarkable buildings, there is the Château de Recq, an 18th century Louis XV castle, and the Fief d’Hérambault. Just like the Canche river, there are many watermills along the Course. 

There are both small cob farms and much larger farms. At Montcavrel for example, the Montéchor farm stands out for its imposing architecture. They grow excellent strawberries. To the north, the Fond des Communes farm produces dairy products with goat and cow’s milk. At Beussent there is a reputed traditional chocolate manufacturer. 

The Auberge d’Inxent is an inn steeped in history: this is where the Duke of Windsor came to visit his mistress, Wallis Simpson, far from curious onlookers… 

The Course river is also a popular spot for fly fishermen. “The Course river has an abundance of insects which drift on the surface, relished by the brown trout,” Matthieu Susanne explains. The perfect setting for this technical and demanding fishing method. Be careful: the majority of the banks of the Course are private property. There is a free pathway at Beussent. 

There are also three walking trails in the area.