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France Station Nautique

In 2015, ‘le Montreuillois-Côte d’Opale’ got a label ‘France Station Nautique’



Why would you choose ‘le Montreuillois-Côte d’Opale’?

‘Le Montreuillois-Côte d’Opale’ includes, from Le Touquet-Paris-Plage to Berck-sur-Mer, several pionneer sea resorts along the Channel. It is also a land with a strong maritime tradition. Montreuil was once an active harbour in the 16th and 17th centuries, before fishing boats migrated to sites by the sea. Berck-sur-Mer developed a fleet of 100 traditional fishing boats called ‘flobarts’ - pulled ashore every evening. Today, the harbour of Etaples-sur-Mer is very active for coast fishing. In the area, ‘Le Montreuillois-Côte d’Opale’ is firstly a dune sea front up to the north of the beaches of Camiers; it is secondly ‘la Baie de l’Authie’ considered as being the last part of territory in its natural state in Europe. The Littoral and Lakeside Spaces Conservatory acquired a large part of it.

‘L’Authie’ is one of the few rivers to take in the Atlantic salmons; it is thirdly the Canche estuary with its riverbed crossing mud and sandbanks at low tide – a big diversity of wildlife.

It is finally the ‘Canche’ river flowing up at the foot of the rampart of Montreuil – a rural world tinged with a strong maritime history reflecting the transformation of the area over the years.